Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Join a supportive, uplifting community of women from across the Northern Rivers to get fit and access a healthier, happier life. Our next challenges kick off on:

  • Alstonville 10 September

  • Byron Bay 9 September

  • Ballina & Lennox Head 16 September

I’ve never had so much fun getting fit and I’ve never stuck to any exercise like I have with Bod Squad! I’ve never seen such great results in just 12 weeks! I’m addicted! I love how it makes me feel, I love what it does for my mental health and I absolutely love Rikki and all the girls. They are like family now!
— Chloe Twikkler

What’s it all about?

The Bod Squad by Rikki-Lee 12-Week Challenge is an outdoor boot camp that runs in the beautiful seaside towns of Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Alstonville and Ballina. The Bod Squad is for real world, everyday women—any fitness level, any age, any shape. It’s individually tailored, female-specific training with a focus on empowering women to get the most out of their bodies.


Not sure a boot camp is right for you?

We get it. Committing to something new can be hard. But investing in yourself is worth it—with the 12-Week Challenge, you don’t just gain fitness, you also gain confidence, a supportive community, and uncover a healthier, happier you. Scared of being yelled at? Don’t worry; we’re not that kind of boot camp! We’re all about support and encouragement to help you achieve your goals—we’ll be right beside you helping you climb that mountain, not standing at the top yelling at you for not getting there fast enough. 

I forget I’m working hard because I’m having so much fun. The vibe is great and I love that Rikki puts so much thought into each workout and every session is different. She also notices everyone’s form and works around various injuries with options for everyone.
— Kayte Nunn


Style of training

Rikki-Lee has no time for repetitive, boring exercise—fitness should never feel like a chore. She spices things up with a mix of HIIT, Tabata, circuit training, boxing, kick boxercise, Pilates, agility, beach games, running, yoga, stretch sessions and so much more. She keeps the Bod Squad community motivated and challenged by ensuring that no two training sessions are the same.

The nitty gritty

Each week in the 12-Week Challenge consists of four one-hour sessions. Members of the Bod Squad can choose between several time-slots (5.45am, 6:00am, 6.45am, 4:30pm and 5.30pm (depending on location)). We run the challenge in Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Alstonville and Ballina. Sessions take place at various venues in your designated location, usually with a beach view!

Membership types

Our Standard Membership allows you to train in your nominated time slot, all four training days a week. 

The Gold Membership allows you to come to any class in your designated location throughout the day—which gives you total flexibility over your training.

We also have a mamas class (which runs three days a week at 9:30am) parallel to the 12-Week Challenge and an 8-week teenage girl gang class (which runs two days a week at 4:30pm for eight weeks). 

Payment types

12-Week Challenge – Paying upfront:

  • Standard Membership = $480

  • Gold Membership = $660

12-Week Challenge – Paying via direct debit:

  • Standard Membership = $40 per week, totalling $480 for the duration of the challenge

  • Gold Membership = $55 per week, totalling $660 for the duration of the challenge

12-Week Mamas class:

  • $40 per week direct debit, or $480 paid in full

8-week teenage girl gang:

  • Direct debit = $31.25 plus GST per week

  • Payed in full = $250 plus GST

Please note, if you're paying direct debit, you'll pay for your first week as a deposit here ($30, $40 or $55). You'll then receive an email with a link to fill out a direct debit form to set up the weekly payments for the following 11 weeks. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.