The founder of Bod Squad, Rikki-Lee Petrie, lives and breathes fitness, and understands exactly how to motivate and inspire other women to get the best out of their bodies. Rikki-Lee’s dream of creating a supportive fitness community all started with a childhood desire to make people feel good about themselves through her boot camp programs.

Rikki-Lee was feeling the fittest she ever had in her life when she had a horrific accident in the kitchen which left her in a moon boot with a steel rod for months. At the time, she was training with a close group of girlfriends, a girl gang who turned up for each other, rain or shine. She had always loved training, particularly group fitness and boot camp, and encouragement from her girlfriends gave her the confidence she needed to turn her favourite hobby into a thriving business.

Off to the Gold Coast’s famous Human Performance Centre for a certification in personal training she went, and in June 2016, Bod Squad by Rikki-Lee was born! She hasn’t looked back, and now trains more than 150 women per week through her Lennox Head and Ballina boot camps, a.k.a the 12-Week Challenge. 

Rikki lives by the belief that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. This integrity is what ensures her Bod Squad aren’t just workout buddies, but a sisterhood of supportive, positive women who are there to uplift each other and hold each other accountable… at the same time as kicking butt! Her Squad is what gets her out of bed every morning, and she loves that she has created a space for women to thrive together and live a happier, healthier life—inside and out.


As the newest member to the Bod Squad family, Josie Forrest is passionate about helping people succeed and reach their health and fitness goals to their best of their ability.

Fitness is her passion and remains a top priority. Freshly graduated into the fitness industry she has completed Cert III and IV in Fitness, Cert I and II in nutrition, Advanced nutrition and female specific training at Human Performance Centre.

From a young age Josie has been passionate about nurturing students total wellbeing, in both mind and body and with a goal to empower women and create a fit and healthy environment.

In her former role as a BJPhysie teacher, competitor and inspirational speaker, Josie had the opportunity to compete at the Sydney Opera House with the top 30 talented dancers in Australia securing 4th place in her category.

Josie has also held roles as a class instructor in gyms and as a sports specific netball coach and netball player. She’s a warm, bubbly and encouraging person to all and believes any goal can be reached. This one is a keeper!



MEET Kirsty

Meet Kirsty Zoric, an ex-amateur pro surfer and state swimmer.

She has a cert 3 and 4 in fitness and has worked in a gym teaching classes, instructing and doing PTs for over 4 years. After having my her two children, she’s really enjoyed teaching outdoor bootcamps, PTs and mums classes.

Her vibe is fun, fresh fitness and her passion is helping others achieve their best version of themselves both physically and mentally.

“I love Rikki-Lee's Bod Squad vibe and can't wait to smash goals with you all!”


Born and raised in the Northern Rivers, Emma has always had a passion for all things health and fitness. Turning that passion into a career was a no brainer for her. Completing her certificate 3 and 4 in fitness during her final year of high school, Emma joined the fitness industry in 2014 and has since gone on to complete a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Certification, become a certified precision nutrition coach and is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Exercise physiology.

For Emma, it’s all about holistic health and well-being.

“I am less concerned with the way our bodies look and more concerned with the way we feel. It’s about exercise that plays to your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses. Nutrition that makes you feel good without excluding the foods you love (hellloooo chocolate). It’s about doing the little things that make you stress a little less and sleep a little more. It’s about trying new things and meeting new people. It’s about finding the balance. But above all its about remembering that this is a journey to be the best version of yourself for yourself and no one else. I am so excited to be a part of the Bod Squad team and cannot wait to be apart of your fitness journey!”



MEET Bronte

Bronte is an Accredited Exercise Scientist and experienced yoga teacher whose pursuit to understand the human body has taken her all over the world, to teach and study.

Her classes and workshops focus on how to articulate your body in intelligent and purposeful ways to engage optimum movement patterns that have you ready for any dance off anything that comes your way.


MEET sophie

Sophie has always been a fitness fanatic and completed her Cert 3 and 4 at FIA in Surry Hills before launching her own personal training business in Newcastle in 2008. With a swimming background and love for a challenge, Sophie immersed herself in the world of triathlon in her spare time & qualified for the age group World Championships in 2014. Adding strength training to her program led her to CrossFit where her passion for functional exercise & team training bloomed. 

Having recently moved to Lennox Head, she joined the Bod Squad crew and instantly fell in love with the community & ethos we live and breathe. 

Sophie thrives on the vibe of group training and brings variety, intensity and an infectious energy to every session. 

When she’s not training you’ll find her at the beach with her doggos or eating everything in sight.


As the resident male in our Bod Squad boot camp family, Will Alexander has an important role in the tribe. Will is an accredited exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach with 8 years’ experience working with people of all ages and all levels of physical ability; including children, athletes, and the elderly. 

He has a passion for helping his clients to listen to what their bodies are saying to them, and helping them to join the dots between mind and body. Will listens skilfully with compassion, and empowers his clients through education.

Will draws on previous experience as the Head Strength Coach at the Gold Coast Suns Academy, and has helped several young men fulfill their dreams of playing in the AFL. He is the current Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Liverpool Football Club Academy in Lismore where he supervises the fitness program for over 160 junior elite soccer players.