Welcome to the Bod Squad hub

This is your source for everything you need to know, from what to except on your first day to what you need to bring, to setting intentions and the best markets around the Northern Rivers. Dive in, babe!


Be inspired. Be empowered. Belong.

This Bod Squad mindset is all about creating new habits around food and exercise. Throughout the program you will no doubt begin to think of food as clean fuel for your body and exercise as a priority. 

When you give exercise as much significance as drinking water every day, taking a shower or brushing your teeth, it becomes an automatic, non-negotiable part of your daily routine.  

Exercise, to list a few things, is vital to boost your metabolism, ward of disease, to keep your brain healthy, make us feel energized and good about ourselves. 

Bod Squad offers you the ingredients for this mindset and change to help you create the beginning of a transformed fitter healthier life style.  


Goal setting is also a key ingredient to success, without a goal we don’t have the energy or motivation to drive forward. You need to make your goals achievable so that you feel motivated with each mile stone you achieve. Goals are a very personal thing, so reach inside of yourself and think about your dreams and what you have always wanted to achieve in terms of health and fitness, write them down create a space within your house that you visit every day and plaster them all over that space. 

Include positive affirmations surrounded around your goals and engage your mind for the power of positive thinking through daily affirmation.

Me? I love to tell myself:

  • What might seem impossible today will one day be your warm up

  • I am fitter and stronger today than yesterday


Success for nutrition and clean fuel is all in your weekly food preparation. Be prepared to cook at home and be prepared to clean out your fridge and pantry. Remove the naughty foods, so you’re not tempted. If they’re not in the fridge or pantry you won’t eat them!  Stock your fridge and pantry with the staples, the right fats, fresh herbs and spices to create recipes stocked with fresh vegetables, lean meats, legumes, organic grains, nuts and seeds.  And stock the fruit bowl with your favourites.


We are surrounded by farmers markets and live in one of the most diverse farming communities on the east coast where we are blessed with so much organic food at our finger tips to help us thrive with health and vitality. Mullumbimby Growers Markets (every Friday starting at 7am) or Byron Bay Growers Markets (Thursday at 8am) are the best of the pick in terms of variety.   


Bod Squad was established for females, with the objective of women supporting women giving likeminded women not only a comfortable, inspiring fun place to become a fitter version of themselves, but to make new friends support one another like family, laugh together, achieve together, and share new experiences together. Bod Squad is a welcoming fun inspiring group of women building each other up.     


  • Comfortable enclosed running or training shoes

  • Appropriate training attire – sports bra, t-shirt or tank, shorts, leggings or bike pants – whatever you’re comfortable in

  • Boxing wraps on boxing days (avail for purchase from $10)

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • Training mat

  • Optional: Sunscreen, cap, jumper or jacket


When you sign in and grab a name tag, you will receive your very own Bod Squad 12 Week Challenge tank. We would like everyone to introduce themselves and give everyone an idea of who you are, what inspires you and what you hope to achieve out of the 12 Week Challenge. We will then play some fun team building games to get to know each other. This initial session will be gentle as we ease into the workouts.


Fitness testing

The fitness test is for you, not for anyone else. It’s a way to benchmark your growth throughout the challenge. Fitness testing will take place in week 1 and then again in week 12.

Before and after photos (optional)

These photos will never become public and will remain confidential between you and Rikki-Lee. If you would before challenge photos taken please book in a time with Rikki-Lee via text message. 


Training starts at 5.45am, 6:00am, 6:45am, 4:30pm or 5:30pm (time slots depending on location) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of each week please be prompt and ensure to arrive at least 5 - 10 minutes early, to stretch or warm up prior to each session.

If you're in the mums and bubs class, training is at 9:30am on Mondays and Thursdays. If you're in the teenage girl gang class, training is at 4:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

Training locations vary across a number of inspiring locations around Lennox Head, Alstonville, Byron Bay and Ballina, depending on the location you chose. A text message will be sent to your mobile at the beginning of the week with location and program details. Weather does affect our locations, if it’s raining you will receive a text message from Rikki-Lee advising of the location change.


During the 12 Week Challenge we have allocated our fittest, strongest and longest standing Bod Squad members to your Squad Support. Our Squad Support is there for you. Your Squad Support are the front runners, they are people to watch for technique, they are people to partner with during partnered training sessions and they are people to ask advice if Rikki-Lee is attending to other clients. 


Being an outdoor training group, we must abide by council regulations so please remember that our local community doesn’t necessarily want to wake up with the birds like we do.

1. Keep noise to a minimum.

2. Avoid blocking public pathways or areas where possible.

3. When using stairways and pathways to ensure public safety use single file.

4. If you plan to bring your dog to training your dog must be on a lead always.

5. Only park in permitted parking spots.

6. Take any rubbish with you when you leave.