Why exercising with your BFF is the best thing ever

My philosophy is the more the merrier, especially when it comes to working out. There’s hands-down no better way to smash your fitness goals than with a girlfriend in tow (or multiple girlfriends!).

Aside from the obvious benefits of combining catch ups with crunches (particularly for those time-poor mamas out there!) here are a bunch of fun reasons to ditch the solo workout and enlist some galpals for your next training session.

The guilt factor

Let’s face it, we’ve all gone to bed with the best of early-morning-workout intentions, only to roll over bleary eyed at 5am and push the snooze button. But if the potential buzz of endorphins isn’t enough to get you out of bed, the guilt factor of leaving a galpal high and dry sure is! You know you better get that cute butt outa bed and into your active wear if you value your friendship!

The competitive edge

Working out with a pal, or even better, a posse of pals, keeps you accountable and adds a bit of competitive spice to your fitness routine. Who can hit 20 burpees first? Get to the top of that hill the fastest? It’s on! Gather a community of fun, likeminded girls, inject a bit of healthy competition into your routines and fitness will never feel like a chore.

Get creative

You will probably be doing a full ab work out just by laughing, let alone trying to get through some partner exercises! But muscle fatigue is a dish best shared, so if you want to challenge yourself together, the options are endless. How about Russian twists with a ball and planks with handclaps in between? A boxing sesh? There are heaps of ways you can shake up your workout with your BFF – get your heads together and brainstorm some crazy ideas, or use Insta as your inspo!

If it’s not on Insta, did it really happen?

Selfie sticks and weight training don’t really go well together. A fab friend catching your best flex on the other hand…well, that’s insta-worthy! Or perhaps you’re into the post-workout brunch shot, which is always better shared with a pal! Get snapping, you might even convince more of your girlfriends to join your fit pal posse.

Want to give the group fitness thing a go, but struggling to entice your pals? We’ve got a fab community that comes to work out together in beautiful Lennox Head from all over the Northern Rivers, from Byron to Ballina, Tintenbar, Wollongbar, Alstonville and everywhere in between.

These gals turn up rain or shine and hold each other accountable, smashing those fitness goals and have some serious giggles at the same time. Get involved!

Tess Mol